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May 6, 2004

The hottest new Atari Jaguar site takes on a Sister Site, JagEmu. JagEmu is an up and coming Jaguar Emulation site. This partnership should help bring new members into the Jaguar community from the emulation side , as well as keep the Jaguar community infomed about the latest emulation news. Together we feel we can keep the Jaguar community looking into the future, because as Emulation grows, so will the Jaguar fan base.

JagEmu can be found at: http://jagemu.mytilde.co.uk/

Once again, I would like to thank the Jagaur community for all of your support. With out you, none of this would be possible. Thank you.

The Jagwire Internet and Site News page has been updated to reflect the look of the rest of the site. Also keep your eyes peeled here for an upcoming anouncement.

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Jaguar Extremist Pack #3 Released

The Jaguar Extremist Pack #3 was limited to a production run of 100 copies. Each copy is hand numbered. Individuals who purchased both pack #1 and pack #2 had an opportunity this week to purchase pack #3 in advance. Therefore, there are VERY few packs left. I expect them to sell out very quickly. Once they are sold that is it. No more will be produced. Pack #3 will contain the following items:

Highlander PC Alpha (the only working copy of Highlander for the PC known to exist, it's even written on the CD) - Has some differences in title screen and other items. Playability is actually better, the keyboard is easier to use for this than the joypad. IMHO.

Highlander Beta 11a VII for the Jaguar - A very early beta of Highlander. This CD was burned almost 9 months before the release of the game. Cool stuff. Battlemorph ISO Source Files - These are the actual ISO 9660 files for Battlemorph. You can create your own perfect encrypted CD's of Battlemorph with this. SIDE NOTE: This may very well be a "beta" of the game rather than the final version. ISO9660 CD's that I have for other games always have said "Final" or "Released" version, this one did not. Could be something special, I haven't taken the time to create the CD. Fun surprise for y'all.

Oswald Character File/Animator - Rumor has it this was a mascot that Atari was working on for their company. Neat little bonus item for the pack.

NOW FOR THE BEST! ----------------

These 2 programs allow you to create levels for Varunas Forces on your PC. In addition, the Engine is fully functional so you have a 3d engine to work with as well. BIG surprise is there are actually enemies that can be placed (and killed) in the simulation. Those of you who own the Varunas Forces Demo know all you can do is run around the maze. This is MUCH further along. My hope is some of the great Jaguar programmers in our community can take these and utilize them for a FPS game or complete VF.

If you want one you better hurry! Heres the link:Extremist Pack

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