SUNNYVALE, Calif. Nov. 29, 1993 Atari Corp. has announced that 15 additional leading software companies have signed agreements with Atari for Jaguar the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia home entertainment system. Jaguar is available this month in the New York and San Francisco markets at a suggested retail price of $249.95. 

Bringing the total number of Jaguar licensees to 35, the following new companies have inked agreements with Atari:

21st Century Software 
UBI Soft International 
id Software
UBI Soft Inc. 
Microprose Ltd.
Microprose Ltd. (U.S.)
Millenium Interactive Ltd. 
Phalanx Software
Gremlin Graphics Ltd.
Virgin Interactive Entertainment Ltd. 
3D Games 

"We're pleased to add more of the top software companies to the Jaguar family," said Sam Tramiel, president of Atari. "With Jaguar, developers enjoy unsurpassed ease in creating real-time, 3D virtual worlds. They are not bound by the technological limitations of antiquated systems or stringent programming requirements. Jaguar gives developers the freedom to spend more t on the creative process, producing games for Jaguar players that are rich in color, animation, texture and sound."

Some of the hot, new titles for Jaguar include: 

Activision's current IBM PC hit, "Return to Zork" will soon become available to Jaguar game players. "Return to Zork" challenges players to solve numerous puzzles as they try to save humanity from the evil spirit, Morphius. Motion picture quality production values and technological innovations make "Return to Zork" a challenging interactive entertainment experience. 

Accolade's titles promise fast, hard-hitting sports action with "Al Michaels Announces Hardball," "Brett Hull Hockey," "Charles Barkley Basketball" and "Jack Nicklaus Power Challenge Golf." Also available will be "Bubsy, in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind."

id Software, well known for the hit "Wolfenstein 3D," is developing a Jaguar version of the much awaited first-person perspective 3D game, "Doom: Evil Unleashed." In "Doom," the player is a space marine that has been suddenly flung into hell and the safest place is behind the pistol. Atari will be the publisher and distributor of the Jaguar version of this title. 

Known for "Wing Commander" and "Tank Platoon," Microprose, a leading simulation company, has teamed with Atari to develop superior military games for Jaguar. Most immediately, Microprose plans to create a Jaguar version of its simulation helicopter game, "3D Gunship 2000."

Gremlin, one of the top publishers in the United Kingdom, will develop a number of its proven titles for Jaguar including, "Zool 2," based on the exploits of the Ninja for the Nth Dimension. 

UBI Soft International plans a number of games for Jaguar, including the famous "Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis." UBI Soft represents more than 80 percent of the entertainment software publishers in the French market, with distribution rights to more than 30 labels worldwide, including LucasArts. 

Jaguar is the only video game system manufactured in the United States. Atari has contracted with IBM Corp. to manufacture the Jaguar in its Charlotte, N.C., facility. 

Atari manufactures and markets video games and personal computers for the home and educational marketplaces.