SUNNYVALE, Calif. Dec. 15, 1995 In a bold retailing move to increase its share in the interactive home entertainment market, Atari Corp. Friday morning announced that the Jaguar 64 system will be priced at $99.

A premier gaming platform launched nationally in 1994, the Jaguar 64 is a powerful home video game system designed to provide game enthusiasts with top-quality entertainment products. Atari has developed an extensive software library to support the Jaguar system, and is committed to aggressively expanding its list of exclusive titles throughout 1996.

Four new Atari titles have been released this week alone for the Jaguar 64: "Atari Karts," "I-War," "Fever Pitch Soccer'' and "Supercross 3D." The new games will be available at retail stores before Christmas.

As Ted Hoff, Atari's president of North American operations, explained: "Atari is proud of the depth and breadth of current Jaguar platform software titles, and we're committed to enhancing this already impressive collection. Offering the Jaguar 64 at $99 will allow us to reach more consumers nationwide with top-quality games."

Hoff indicated the Jaguar 64 systems will be offered at their new price in retail outlets across the country effective Saturday, Dec. 16. That means there's still time for Christmas shoppers to benefit from the $99 price tag.

With its aggressive new pricing, Atari is offering consumers a high-end home video game system at a mass market price. This action reinforces Atari's commitment to the Jaguar gaming platform, as well as providing consumers with superior and affordable interactive products.

For more than 20 years, Atari has provided consumers with high-quality, value-priced entertainment. Atari markets Jaguar, the only American-made, advanced 64-bit entertainment system and is located in Sunnyvale.

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Ted Hoff is available for one-on-one interviews to provide further information.