SAN FRANCISCO Aug. 9, 1995 U.S. Gold Inc. has just announced the launch of the award-winning title "Flashback, The Quest For Identity" for Atari Corp's Jaguar 64.

"Atari Corporation is proud to count U.S. Gold among the growing number of premier publishers launching their titles for Jaguar 64 and Jaguar CD," commented Ted Hoff, president of Atari's North American Operations.

Created to showcase the capabilities of the powerful Jaguar 64, the new version of "Flashback" offers extra processing capacity, cinematic sequences, CD-quality sound and seven challenging levels of play. The Atari Jaguar 64 version features ultra-realistic animation created with live action character sequences hand-rendered on SGI workstations.

"The Jaguar 64 is an ideal platform for Flashback," commented Bob Bosch, president of U.S. Gold. "We enthusiastically support Atari with this title release and look forward to future opportunities."

Developed in conjunction with Delphine Software International of Paris, "Flashback" takes players on an incredible journey through alien worlds. Players assume the identity of hero Conrad Hart, an agent for the Galaxis Bureau of Investigation, who discovers a deadly secret that takes him on an unusual adventure far from home.

"Flashback, The Quest For Identity" is available in stores now.

With headquarters in San Francisco, U.S. Gold develops and distributes games in North America. The company is a subsidiary of U.S. Gold, Ltd., Europe's largest video and computer game publisher. U.S. Gold Inc. is part of the $135 million Center Gold Group, located in Birmingham, U.K.

For more than 20 years, Atari has provided consumers with high-quality, value-priced entertainment. Today, Atari markets Jaguar, the only American-made advanced 64-bit entertainment system and is located in Sunnyvale, Calif.