SUNNYVALE, Calif. Aug. 1, 1995 Tuesday Atari Corp. launched two exciting additions to the Jaguar 64 product line.

The quickly expanding Atari arsenal now includes "White Men Can't Jump," a fast-paced, trash-talkin' game of street ball based on the major motion picture from Twentieth Century Fox, and Team Tap, a peripheral for the Jaguar 64 system that allows up to four players to participate at once.

Now four players can compete in this no-holds-barred hoops tourney where teams try to hustle and shove their way into the street ball hall of fame.

"White Men Can't Jump" players must attempt to make it into the Slam City Tournament, the ultimate in street ball play. It costs $5,000 to enter, however, and players start out with only $500 loaned to them from the BREAKLEG BROS., two unforgiving loan sharks. Hoopsters must hit the court and win games to hustle the remaining cash.

Players custom design their teams as well as control the scoring, timing and possession rules. The one thing they can't control is the shovin' and trash talkin'. Players must be tough and ready to throw elbows because street ball rules apply traveling and goaltending are the only fouls called.

Atari also launched Team Tap, a peripheral for the Jaguar 64 system bundled with "White Men Can't Jump." Team Tap enables four players to get in on the jammin' hoops action all at once. A $29.95 value, Team Tap is included free with "White Men Can't Jump." With select future titles, players can employ two Team Taps for eight-competitor game play.

Two play modes are available for "White Men Can't Jump": Tournament and Versus. Tournament mode lets one or two players compete as a team in a street ball game. With Team Tap and Versus mode, three or four players split into two pairs and play against each other.

"'White Men Can't Jump' launches our fall line-up of sports and action games for the Jaguar," said Ted Hoff, president of Atari's North American Operations. "This game showcases the power of the Jaguar and Team Tap, which provides the capability for four players to enjoy on-screen action in this two-on-two basketball game."

"White Men Can't Jump" is rated KA, appropriate for kids through adults, and has a suggested retail price of $69.99. Atari communicated with tens of thousands of Jaguar 64 users highlighting the new title introduction and peripheral offer through the company's new Jaguar First Alert consumer postcard program.

Other Atari summer releases include "Ultra Vortek," "FlipOut!," and "Rayman." The library of games for Atari Jaguar 64 will approach 75 titles by the end of 1995.

For more than 20 years, Atari has provided consumers with high-quality, value-priced entertainment. Located in Sunnyvale, Atari markets Jaguar, the only American-made, advanced 64-bit entertainment system.

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