SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 16, 1995 Atari Corporation announces that there will be nearly 100 titles for its 64-bit Jaguar entertainment system by the end of the year. "We will have every kind of game that players want, from the best developers and publishers in the world," comments Atari President Sam Tramiel.

Based on the popularity of Tempest 2000, Atari is launching a complete line of classic games, including "Dactyl Joust" and "Defender 2000," and Missile Command VR for the Jaguar VR. "Defender 2000" is being developed with three distinct play modes for the, Jaguar by Jeff Minter, developer of Tempest 2000. In addition, Atari will publish classic games for the PC at the end of the year, beginning with Tempest 2000. Other new release titles include "Primal Rage from Time Warner Interactive," "The Highlander RPG series," "Fight For Life" and "NBA Jam Tournament Edition."

The featured titles at Atari Corporation's E3 booth in Los Angeles are "TRF," "Rayman," "White Men Can't Jump" and "Ultra Vortex."

TRF: TRF combines the latest motion capture technology and nationally known martial arts fighters in a wide variety of combat scenarios. Featured fighters include Ho Sung Pak, Dr. Philip Ahn, Katalin Zamiar and Daniel Pesina; who were all featured in the "Mortal Kombat" games.

Rayman: Rayman lives in a fantasy land beyond the reaches of our universe. Rayman must restore peace and harmony to his world by defeating the evil Mr. Black and retrieve the stolen Great Proton.

White Men Can't Jump: Trash talk runs rampant in this "in-your-face," two-on-two blacktop basketball shootout. Automatic camera control zooms in and swings around to catch all the action.

Ultra Vortex: Players become one of ten eye-popping, bone crunching warriors of the underground who battle it out in mind-bending arenas carved out of living rock. They have one goal in mind. Defeat the dreaded Guardian of the Vortex.

Atari has been in the video game business for over twenty years. Today, Atari markets Jaguar, the only American made, advanced 64-Bit entertainment system. Atari Corporation is located in Sunnyvale, CA.

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