LOS ANGELES May 11, 1995 Time Warner Interactive Inc., Consumer Games Division announced the preview of "Power Drive Rally(TM)" for the Atari(TM) Jaguar(TM) today at the E3 tradeshow in suite 309. Flying gravel, spraying mud, squealing tires announce the arrival of your all-terrain vehicle with opponents in hot pursuit better not look back! Based on the official World Rally Championships, players jockey for competitive times, major prize money, and sleek racing machines on the international touring circuit. This high speed, strategic driving game utilizes the power of the Atari Jaguar to project graphics so detailed you'll feel the challenge of long distance racing in 38 international road rally courses. "Power Drive Rally" is expected to ship in June, 1995 for an anticipated retail price of $54.95.

"Power Drive Rally(TM)" is the classic road rally, a two-member team endurance race that makes regular speedway tracks look like a Sunday drive. Your computerized driving partner is in charge of the map and barks out directions to you as you negotiate fallen logs, snow drifts and river beds making maneuvers around hazardous bends all the more gripping. The quality of tracks and terrain are vivid with details such as water pools reflecting the sky and clouds, tires creating skid marks, shadows, dust clouds, brake lights, and exhaust plumes.

The Race Is On

"Power Drive Rally" is a one or two-player game, where racers go head to head on three different types of courses: road rallies over mixed terrain including mud, gravel, and asphalt; time trials for flat out speed challenges; and obstacle courses with cones, curves and a sinister slalom.

Cross the start line with a fairly basic vehicle and a small wad of cash in your pocket. You must tear across a range of terrain, from the break of day to the dead of night to beat your opponents, win prize money, and move onto more challenging vehicles and races. You'll find each vehicle has its own handling nuances with differences in cornering and road holding abilities as well as acceleration and deceleration.

You're responsible for repairing and maintaining your cars. Fail to heed excessive damage and you may be penalized with disqualification. On the other hand as you accumulate prize money, you can tirade your car in for a higher spec model and gain automatic entry to higher levels of competition.

"Power Drive Rally" lets you really drive on and off track. Head off-road and you'll feel the tight turns of doing a donut in the dirt, or loss of traction as you slide over ice or grass. Lose control and you might experience a gut wrenching barrel roll or spectacular wipe out. This is skill-driving for those with endurance and a sense of competitive adventure. Rest up!

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