SUNNYVALE, Calif. March 13, 1995 Atari Corp. and Williams Entertainment Inc. are pleased to announce that Atari will be publishing "Mortal Kombat III" for the Atari Jaguar 64-bit multimedia system. "Mortal Kombat" is one of the most frequently requested video game titles from Jaguar enthusiasts.

"Letters have been pouring in daily telling us that gamers want 'Mortal Kombat' for the Atari Jaguar," indicated Sam Tramiel, president of Atari Corp. "We at Atari are dedicated to the mission of giving the enthusiastic Jaguar game players exactly what they are looking for and 'Mortal Kombat III' will give them the latest version of the 'Mortal Kombat' series of arcade hits."

"Mortal Kombat III" is the third in a series of outstanding coin-op games incorporating true-to-life graphic images into a challenging fighting experience. Williams Entertainment Inc. is the home video subsidiary of WMS Industries Inc., the company that created "Mortal Kombat" and "NBA Jam" for the arcades. "Mortal Kombat III" for the Atari Jaguar will feature true-color graphics and all the sounds and action of the arcade version of "Mortal Kombat III." Planned release will be within the second quarter of 1996.

Williams Entertainment already has other popular video game titles scheduled for release on the Jaguar platform. "Troy Aikman Football" is currently available to be followed up shortly by "Double Dragon V." Electronic Gaming Monthly says of "Troy Aikman Football," "... the Jaguar version is the best yet." Saturday morning cartoon fans will recognize the fighting lineup in "Double Dragon V" with eye-popping animated action.

Other software hits being developed in partnership between Williams Entertainment and Atari Corp. include new adaptations of classic games such as "Joust" and "Defender." "Defender 2000" is being developed with three distinct play modes (the classic favorite, "Defender Plus," and "Defender 2000") for the Jaguar by Jeff Minter of "Tempest 2000" fame. According to Bill Rehbock Atari's VP of Software Business Development, "'Dactyl Joust' will bring the classic game alive as a first person perspective, fully texture-mapped Joust in a realistic, three dimensional environment." Atari will market these games for the 64-bit Jaguar system while Williams Entertainment will license and market them for high performance PCs.

These distinct agreements between Atari Corp. and Williams Entertainment are indicative of the strong relationship these two companies have established. Williams Entertainment is one of the first third-party licensees to begin working with Atari on the Jaguar 64-bit platform and remains a strong supporter of the system with top software titles.

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