SUNNYVALE, Calif. Feb. 7, 1995 Over the next 45 days, the first major wave of third party software for the 64-bit Atari Jaguar will be launched, marking another important step in the expansion of the Jaguar library of software. Sam Tramiel, President of Atari Corporation , stated, "We are very excited to see our third party partners coming to market with these new titles for the Jaguar platform. This is only the beginning of many great games that will be coming in the next wave of releases from our third party partners."

"Cannon Fodder," expected in stores by February 24th, leads the pack of six exciting new third-party titles to be shipped within the first quarter. For the sports enthusiasts, Telegames introduces "International Sensible Soccer" as an interactive game version of the fastest growing commercial sport in the United States. Just following one of the most exciting football seasons, Williams Entertainment introduces the Jaguar version of "Troy Aikman Football." Electronic Gaming Monthly says of "Troy Aikman Football," "... the Jaguar version is the best yet." Saturday morning cartoon fans will recognize the fighting lineup in eye-popping animated action with "Double Dragon V" by Williams Entertainment. For those who prefer strategic challenges with intense graphics and hypnotic animated sequences, Ocean of America delivers two great titles, "Syndicate" and "Theme Park." In "Syndicate", you are an executive in charge of a team of mind-altered Cyborgs and "Theme Park" enables you to engineer the ultimate amusement park.

"These new titles give the consumer a new wider range of selection on the Atari Jaguar Multimedia platform," said Mr. Tramiel. "The Jaguar now has an excellent introduction of sports, strategy and general interest software provided by some of the most respected publishers in the industry with much more to come throughout 1995."

Here is a closer look at these great new titles:

"Cannon Fodder": War has never been so much fun. The first of a new caliber of games published by Computer West, "Cannon Fodder" is a product brought to us from the innovative people at Virgin. Command your company through enemy territories and hostile environments; jungles, swamps and frozen wastelands. Highlights of this whimsical and entertaining approach to war are: Over 300 conscripts with different skills, 72 phases of action, 24 different missions, an animated introduction, an ambient soundtrack complete with the howling of icy winds and a projected minimum of 50 hours to complete the game by most gamers.

"... probably the most addicting game since Lemmings." Electronic Gaming Monthly.

"Troy Aikman Football": Troy Aikman's rendition of football on the 64-bit Jaguar may be the most intense pigskin action you have ever played. Brought to the high-end gaming world from the ground-breaking minds at Williams Entertainment, "Troy Aikman Football" breaks new barriers in sports entertainment. Up-to-date with 1995 rules and regulations, players choose among all 28 NFL teams, three season modes, multiple difficulty levels, 54 offensive and 27 defensive configurations, six field options, variable quarter lengths, and more ... and that's all before the excitement really begins! For 1 or 2 players.

"... the Jaguar version (of 'Troy Aikman Football') is the best yet." Electronic Gaming Monthly.

"Syndicate": There's a new kind of brutal reality amidst the sinister underworld and only Ocean can take you there with 64-bit intensity of the Atari Jaguar. Players assume the role of an ambitious executive in the Syndicate. Your mission is to lead a team of mind-altered Cyborg mercenaries to infiltrate opposing Syndicate territories. Your specific objective is to gain as much control of the world as possible, street by street, city by city, country by country, bit by bit.

"... ultra-cool ... better than the Genesis ..." Game Players Magazine.

"Theme Park": You've been there just to visit, but now you will build one from the ground up. Ocean gives you access to a virtual world where you can design, build and operate your own amusement park. You choose the land, hire staff, build the rides, manage the novelty shops, and become solely responsible if anything ever goes tragically wrong.

"... anyone who enjoys designing things is gonna love this game." Game Players Magazine.

"Double Dragon V": Williams Entertainment has created an exciting new fighting game based on the Saturday morning Amazin' Adventures Series cartoon hit, Double Dragon. The Shadow Master is ready for battle. After reading the character dossiers, players customize game play and attributes to create fighting machines never before seen on any gaming platform. For 1 or 2 players, there are multiple levels of game play, 10 different battle locations, 12 unique characters, and over a dozen different musical scores. "Smooth-as-silk graphics; kid's will love controlling their favorite cartoon characters on the Jaguar." Atari Explorer Online.

"International Sensible Soccer": Telegames has captured World Soccer excitement in the most addictive soccer simulation ever. It is complete with international roster profiles and fully editable teams. Select between "Friendly," "Cup" or "League" simulations in 1 or 2 player head to head competitions; all with 8 channel/16-bit sound to put you right on the playing field. This game delivers a fast 60 frames per second for smooth scrolling and crisp animation. This is a "must" game for 64-bit sports game enthusiasts.

"For some of the most intense soccer action on the Jaguar, try Telegames' Sensible Soccer ... one of the many exciting games for the Jaguar system." EGM2.

Atari Corporation markets interactive multimedia entertainment systems, including Jaguar, the world's first and only 64-bit system, and the only video game system manufactured in the United States, Atari is headquartered at 1196 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94089.