SUNNYVALE, Calif. Jan. 6, 1995 Atari Jaguar, the biggest cat in the interactive multimedia entertainment industry, is earning roars of approval from enthusiastic owners. Gamers laud the Jaguar-the world's first and only 64-bit interactive multimedia home entertainment system-as the "future of video gaming."

The Jaguar's high-speed animation; realistic, textured 3D graphics; CD quality sound; vivid color images; sleek, high-tech system design; and advanced controller with customizable 12-button keypad has shredded the competition and earned consumer accolades. Delighted Jaguar enthusiasts praise the Jag's feline grace as "the first of its kind."

Some samples of the Cat's fan mail, culled from letters and electronic mail received at Atari Headquarters include:

o "The future of video gaming has arrived," Jeff Kovack proclaims. "The graphics are the hottest thing I've seen for any platform, and the gameplay is addictively intoxicating. The images on the screen are so vivid and colorful, it's nearly as much fun watching someone else play ... Hats off to our friends at Atari for creating this incredible machine."

o "Jaguar is hot," Marty Mankins agrees.

o "It is the sleekest looking piece of entertainment hardware I have ever seen," James Thornhill Jr. declares.

o "From the esthetics of the console to the hardware, I love it." Allen Chang writes.

o "Thank you ... Proud parent of a two pound baby Jaguar."

o "Jaguar, as a game machine with 64 bits, is in a class by itself the first of its kind anywhere in the world," Evan Mullaney says. The Jag's unprecedented system performance pummels competitors. Its 64-bit architecture allows the Jag to process more than 100 times as much data at one time than 16-bit games and twice as much as 32-bit games. Delighted gamers experience the ultimate in speed, graphic performance and animation action.

o "(Jaguar) definitely beats 3DO by a mile," Nathan Wong writes. "I've been playing with our 3DO unit for more than a month and a half and it doesn't even come close to the speed and resolution of the Jaguar. This machine is everything I thought it would be and more."

o "I've been out of the video game market since the original Nintendo system and after hearing about the Jaguar, I bought it sight unseen," Ed Kraft explains. "Being a computer technician and operator of 486 and Pentium-based computers, I was very impressed with the specs of the Jaguar. Seeing it only added to my excitement about the system."

o "Well, I don't know how to say this, but my mother who is 46 years old loves the Jaguar. Now, I have to tell you, she never liked to use the ST or the TT, no matter how simple the application," writes one Jaguar enthusiast. "But with the Jaguar she's getting top scores in Crescent Galaxy and that's a big plus. Most of the time she never looked at a video game. Now she's having fun." Alien Vs. Predator and Doom Atari's white hot first-person perspective, virtual adventures, have electrified gamers with their high-powered weapons, fast action and immersive game play.

o "Just got my Alien Vs. Predator today," says Albert Dayes. "Was it worth the wait? YES."

o "Hey, this is Doom." E-mailed Bill Glaholt. "It's the game I told myself I'd wait for to come out on the Jag before trying it on the PC. For myself, I would rate this game a 95 out of 100. It's lightning fast and has that 'Wow' factor that let's face it SNES would fall all over themselves to try to get."

o "Alien Vs. Predator showed up Friday night at our local Babbages and since we had $50 between us, we couldn't pass it up," Brian and Dan McKenzie explain. "They had about eight copies of the game-all of which had been reserved in a three or four hour period, no less. 

But somebody didn't show up to get theirs so they sold it to us. The game is great. What a huge world."

o "People were knocked flat. Their kids dragged them into the store to try it," says Dolores Lesica. "Alien vs. Predator gets a 10 from me."

o "Just wanted to write a quick note to tell you that (Atari) has produced one great game," writes Robert A. Fleming. "(In my humble opinion, Atari Vs. Predator) is one of the greatest games ever. It has been well worth the wait."

o "The game is GREAT," Ralph Barbagallo writes of Alien Vs. Predator. "It's almost like getting three games in one. ... The graphics are fantastic and the game is very engaging."

o I just bought Doom for my Jaguar and I am very happy with it," writes Paul, a Proud Jaguar Owner. "It just blows away the Doom for the 32X. I should know. I also own the 32X."

o "I love this game." Danny Miskin says. "My younger brother says (Alien Vs. Predator) could be the best game out for any system right now." Atari Corporation markets interactive multimedia entertainment systems, including Jaguar, the world's first and only 64-bit game system, and the only video game system manufactured in the United States. Atari is headquartered at 1196 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94089.