SUNNYVALE, Calif. Jan. 6, 1995 Prepare to shift your Jaguar into overdrive.

Atari Corporation Friday announced that its new compact disc multimedia peripheral will be available in the first quarter, priced at an amazingly affordable $149.99, including a CD game. The CD player, which plugs into the top of the 64-bit Atari Jaguar Interactive Multimedia System, plays CD-based Jaguar video games and standard audio compact discs.

The Jaguar CD player provides 790 megabytes of raw data storage to allow for the incorporation of many complex digitized images, full-motion video sequences and loads of CD-quality audio soundtracks into Jaguar games.

The powerful double speed Jaguar CD player incorporates incredibly fast access speed for smoother game play and its massive data capacity provides better graphical detail, expanded plot lines and more characters, which all add up to more immersive and challenging games. The first titles available for the Jaguar CD player include: Battlemorph, Blue Lightning, Highlander, Demolition Man and Creature Shock, with many more to come.

Atari's new CD Multimedia player includes the Virtual Light Machine (VLM), which creates and displays light patterns on the video screen in response to music played through the system. The result is a stunning light show. There are 81 different pattern settings available on the VLM. The VLM is built into the Jaguar CD Multimedia player. "We want the Atari Jaguar to be the best value in the gaming market, as well as, the most advanced system technologically," said Sam Tramiel, CEO of Atari Corporation.

"With the new Jaguar CD Multimedia player, Jaguar owners will be able to play incredible CD-based videogames, listen to audio discs and watch the VLM. This combination of the most advanced technology, great software and affordable pricing is what sets Jaguar apart from the competition."

Atari Corporation markets interactive multimedia entertainment systems, including Jaguar, the world's first and only 64-bit game system, and the only video game system manufactured in the United States. Atari is headquartered at 1196 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, Calif. 94089.