SUNNYVALE, Calif. Dec. 2, 1994 Fans of the cult video game DOOM can now experience what Jay Wilbur, president of Id Software, the company that created the popular game, describes as "the most powerful version of the game on any video game system."

According to reports from stores nationwide, the Jaguar version of DOOM is already selling briskly.

DOOM is an ultra-fast virtual reality showcase that plunges the player deep into a 3D world filled with legions of gruesome fiends. The Atari Jaguar is the first 64-bit video game system in the world.

Unlike versions for other video game systems, the Jaguar version of DOOM:

o Offers nine additional levels of play, including improved, custom-designed levels available only on the Jaguar.

o Exploits the Jaguar's 64-bit power to deliver compelling, realistic game play. For example, the monsters that populate the Jaguar version's hellish world are not flat, two-dimensional characters like they are on other systems, but awesome, three-dimensional beings. Catch a side-view as they walk around you, or turn-around and shoot them in the back!

o Uses 65,000 colors compared to 256 on other systems for advanced lighting and shading effects that provide the most immersive, first-person experience available.

o Allows for two players. Until now, this was only possible on the personal computer version of DOOM. Although owners of other video game systems can play their own, more limited version of DOOM, they cannot play each other. Jaguar fans will be able to link up two Jaguar systems and either team up against the gruesome fiends or challenge each other to a death match.

o Offers a special save feature so Jaguar players can go back to the last completed level and continue their mission through the bowels of hell.

o Takes advantage of the full size of the television screen. "We didn't just license the code to Atari, we developed the Jaguar version of DOOM ourselves," explained American McGee, a game designer at Id Software, the company that created DOOM. "We streamlined and improved the graphics and made the game even more compelling," he added.

The favorable reviews already are beginning to pour in. Video Games magazine described the game as an "unqualified addiction for those lucky enough to play it. " The reviewer added, "This one could be a guaranteed system-seller for those considering a Jaguar purchase."

An aggressive marketing campaign will promote the Jaguar version of DOOM and will include new television commercials and print ads. The ad campaign will run in December, in time for the holiday shopping season.

Since its release in November 1993, Atari's Jaguar game system has been named the industry's "Best New Game System" (Video Games Magazine), "Best New Hardware System" (Game Informer) and "1993 Technical Achievement of the Year" (DieHard GameFan).

Atari Corp. markets interactive multimedia entertainment systems, including Jaguar, the world's first 64-bit game system, and the only video game system manufactured in the United States.