SUNNYVALE, Calif. Nov. 21, 1994 Atari Corp. Monday announced that the Atari Jaguar, the world's only 64-bit video game system, will now be available at all 25 Toys "R" Us stores and other selected stores in Japan.

Mumin Corp. of Tokyo will handle distribution and sales. Japanese consumers will be able to test-drive the Atari Jaguar Interactive Multimedia System at special demonstration kiosks in Toys "R" Us stores.

"The Japanese are very serious about their video game systems, and they will choose the system with the best graphics and most sophisticated playing environment," said Sam Tramiel, chief executive officer of Atari Corp. "We think that if they are given the chance to compare, Japanese gamers will choose Atari Jaguar."

The launch in Japan marks another significant milestone in building worldwide distribution for the Atari Jaguar system. Introduced in October of last year, the Jaguar was only available in New York and San Francisco during last year's important holiday shopping season. Today, the Jaguar is available throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and, now, Japan.

"We have the best game system in the business, hit games like Alien Vs. Predator and the soon-to-be-released Doom, and we are expanding our distribution," Tramiel added. "The momentum for Jaguar is building every day."

Since its release in November 1993, Atari's Jaguar game system has been named the industry's "Best New Game System" (Video Games Magazine), "Best New Hardware System" (Game Informer) and "1993 Technical Achievement of the Year" (DieHard GameFan).

Atari Corp. markets interactive multimedia entertainment systems, including Jaguar, the world's only 64-bit game system, and the only video game system manufactured in the United States.