CHICAGO June 23, 1994 Consumer Electronics Show Atari Corporation announced today that Jaguar owners will be connecting their systems together and playing networked games within the next 4 months. The network technology on the Jaguar can support up to 32 simultaneous game players depending on the software. Networking and Atari's new Voice/Modem for the Jaguar are two innovative ways Jaguar owners can play complex games against each other with multiple systems by Christmas '94.

"We are extremely excited about all of this," said Richard Miller, Vice President of Engineering for Atari Corporation. "Now 64-bit gaming can be an exciting multi-player experience as well as an individual pleasure."

The Jaguar networking package enables network compatible Jaguar games to be played on different systems up to 300 feet apart from each other. The system uses standard RJ11 phone line cable and implements reliable differential-pair technology. The first network game published by Atari will be Doom(TM). Many other titles will be announced soon thereafter.

The Atari Jaguar is the world's first and only 64-bit interactive multimedia home entertainment system. The Atari Jaguar and compatible software titles have been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement, design and innovation worldwide. 

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