CHICAGO June 23, 1994 Consumer Electronics Show Atari Corporation announced today that the popular soundtrack of Tempest 2000 has been remastered for a new special edition audio compact disc to be made available in the third quarter of 1994.

"A lot of people ask if Atari would ever consider releasing the incredible soundtrack from Tempest 2000," states James Grunke, Director of Music and Audio for Atari Corporation. "The music has wide appeal to the large dance and rave audiences who love the techno style of the Tempest 2000 music."

Although some of the specifications are being retained for the formal release in a few months, Tempest 2000 Soundtrack will include new versions of the music used in the actual game cartridge PLUS bonus tracks of previously unreleased material. Tempest 2000 is Atari's blockbuster 64-bit video game title compatible with the Atari Jaguar game system. 

Tempest 2000 Soundtrack will be available through Atari retailers, select music stores, or directly from Atari's own Customer Service Department. For more information, contact Atari by writing: Tempest 2000 Soundtrack, Atari Corporation, P.O. Box 61657, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1657. Tempest 2000 Soundtrack will be priced under $15. The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia home entertainment system. The Jaguar and compatible game titles have been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement, design and innovation.