CHICAGO June 23, 1994 Atari Corp. announced today that the number of signed licensed developers for the Atari Jaguar has surpassed 150. According to William Rehbock, vice president of Third Party Development for Atari Corp., "Each signature represents another developer that is serious about the desire to develop Jaguar compatible peripherals or software. Although a few may be focused on highly specialized applications, the majority are in the business of dazzling video game players. 

"The newest list," adds Rehbock, "includes names such as 20th Century Fox Interactive, JVC Musical Industries Inc., Time-Warner Interactive and Electro Brain Corp. These are exciting names to have shown support in the way that they have. We welcome them and look forward to accommodating their needs as they intensify their Jaguar development interests with us."

Names found among the recently inked pages include: 

20th Century Fox Interactive 

Acid Software 

Alfaro Corporation Limited 


Bando Svenska AB 


BitMotion Software 

Bizzare Computing 

Brandlewood Computers Ltd. 

Cannonball Software 

Celebrity Systems Inc. 

Condor Software 

Cross Products Ltd. 

DAP Developments 

Data Design 

Denton Designs Ltd. 


Electro Brain Corp. 



Factor 5 

Flair Software Ltd. 

Frankenstein Software 

Funcom Productions a/s 

Human Soft Ltd. 


iTHINK Inc. 

JVC Musical Industries Inc. 

Kungariket Multimedia 

Lost in Time Software 

Malibu Interactive 

Media Technology Scandinavia 

Merit Industries Inc. 

Michton Inc. 

Miracle Designs 

Nebulous Games 


Network 23 Software 

NMS Software Ltd. 

Odyssey Software Inc. 

Orion Technologies Inc. 


Rage Software Ltd. 

Rainmaker Software Inc. 

Riedel Software Prod. 

Scangames Interactive 

Selgus Limited 

Shadowsoft Inc. 

Sigma Designs 


Sinister Development 

Soft Enterprises 

Softgold Gmbh 

Software 2000 

Software Development Systems 

Spaceball Technologies Inc. 

Steinberg Soft-und Hardware Gmbh 

Tantalus Entertainment 

Tantalus Incorporated 


Time-Warner Interactive 

Visual Sciences Ltd. 

Wave Quest Inc. 

"Once again," observes Sam Tramiel, president and chief executive officer of Atari Corp., "as I check with our developer support people I find that they are assembling more batches of Jaguar development packages. It is an extremely promising sight because these systems represent a lot more consumer products in the months ahead. All of these people are working hard and they sure are busy ... as they should be," adds a smiling Tramiel. The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia home entertainment system. The Atari Jaguar and compatible software titles have been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement, design and innovation. 

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