CHICAGO June 23, 1994 Atari Corp. announced today plans to ship the anticipated CD-ROM to stores in ample time for Christmas shopping. The CD-ROM is a hardware peripheral compatible with any Jaguar 64-bit system and will sell for $199.95 (MSRP). It enables the Jaguar to play a new generation of impeccable CD-based video games and play audio compact discs. ROM-based software in the CD-ROM allows the user to easily manipulate audio tracks and numerous custom selections when playing audio compact discs. The module includes state-of-the-art technology to play the audio and video portions of CD+G encoded discs. It also provides its own cartridge port so some applications may use the cartridge and CD at the same time. 

Richard Miller, vice president of Engineering for Atari Corp., observed, "Compact Discs offer well over 700 Megabytes of raw data storage and many times that number when the data is compressed. The massive storage capacity of a CD provides enough data space to incorporate complex digitized images, full motion video sequences and CD-quality audio soundtracks into games. These things are far from being fully utilized on home platforms and the Jaguar is the perfect system to do just that."

Such complex images, sound and color are integrated parts of the numerous CD software projects currently underway. Blue Lightning(TM), scheduled for Christmas release, is a realistic high speed aerial combat experience aboard your own fighter jet. It features high quality sequenced graphics of landscapes and enemies within 36 separate levels. Using an optional cartridge, game players may save and retrieve statistics such as mission status, high scores and character information for their Blue Lightning missions. Similar information for other CD software titles may also be saved on the same cartridge. 

Another of the planned CD releases for Christmas is Battlemorph(TM); a true 3-dimensional experience in over 50 all-new virtual worlds. Player chooses at will between fighter, tank or submarine with complete 3D movement. The many features include texture mapped enemies and structures. Play inside caves, underwater, on land and in the sky. Work with the resistance to bring down the Pernitia Empire. 

Anyone who enjoys a round of golf will love Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf(TM). This CD package includes True Color photos of Murfield Golf Course with access to CD quality voice to help with each hole. Study Jack Nicklaus' golf swing to improve your own game with full motion video of him and other golfers. Also look for the CD titles Highlander(TM), Creature Shock(TM), Demolition Man(TM) and an assortment of third party products that will begin shipping fourth quarter 1994. 

Thanks to the many talents of Jeff Minter, author of the award-winning Tempest 2000(TM), Atari's new CD-ROM includes the Virtual Light Machine(TM) (VLM). No other game system has VLM. VLM literally looks at audio compact discs as they are played and spontaneously produces a spectrum analysis of every incoming sound. This information is assembled in a frequency map of the music and assigned complex visual equivalents. Advanced 64-bit data processing makes it possible for the translation to take place almost faster than the ear can hear it so images are in perfect tune with the sound as it is played. The result is a stunning light show. VLM is perfect for parties and every other listening environment where audio compact discs are enjoyed. 

Jaguar owners will enjoy VideoCD full-motion movies with an optional MPEG video cartridge. No other home system offers simultaneous access to cartridges, compact discs and a 64-bit multimedia platform. 

The ability to do so much more is another key reason major developers are turning to the Jaguar. William Rehbock, vice president of Third Party Development, stated, "Our success to attract more than 150 Jaguar licensees is due, in large part, to the tools we are able to provide them. There are basic development tools and there are peripheral options. Developers are drawn to these elements. CD is another option for them that enables them to choose the best media to distribute each product. Ultimately this gives the consumer more choices too."

"We have spent a lot of time to make certain we have packed the CD-ROM full of technologies that our developers can grow into while keeping the platform affordable for the consumer," affirmed Sam Tramiel, president and chief executive officer of Atari Corp. "It was important to keep the price as low as possible. It was important to include all the features of CD-ROM that developers need most to please their customers. Finally, it was important to remain faithful to our 'Made In America ' foundation. The Jaguar is manufactured by IBM in the U.S. The CD-ROM will be manufactured in the United States by Philips. 

"Based on feedback we have had so far, consumers want to support an advanced gaming company that makes what it sells at home," concluded Tramiel. "We're going to give them what they want." The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia home entertainment system. The Atari Jaguar and compatible software titles have been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement, design and innovation. 

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